Easy Ways to Give Your Bathroom a Fresh New Look

Wednesday, January 16, 2019   /   by Sergey Korostensky

Easy Ways to Give Your Bathroom a Fresh New Look

The bathroom might be one of the smallest rooms, but it’s one of the most important if you’re selling our home. Here are some quick tips to freshen up your bathroom to give yourself a space you enjoy relaxing in, whether you are moving or not.

Clutter: Bathrooms attract a lot of bottles and jars that create clutter. By putting them in a closet or throwing away those you haven’t used for a long time, you’ll immediately make your room look more spacious.

Fixtures and fittings: It’s not as expensive to replace bathroom fixtures, such as the toilet, as you think. Putting in more modern fixtures will immediately bring your bathroom up to date. The same goes for towel rails, mirrors and other hardware. Try replacing them with a matching set to unify the look of your bathroom.

Ceramic tiles: The caulking between tiles gets very dirty. Clean it – and you’ll immediately make your bathroom fresher.

Flooring: A big turn-off for many house-buyers is carpet in the bathroom. If you replace it with a more washable surface, you’ll have a much cleaner-looking room.

Towels and shower curtain: Replace your tiles with a new, fluffy matching set and keep an inviting pile waiting on a shelf or in a closet. And replace your shower curtain for a new one that matches the décor.

Paint: Freshen up the room by giving it a coat of light, neutral-colored paint.