Calgary firm puts a Target on COVID-19 safety in the workplace

Thursday, June 11, 2020   /   by Sergey Korostensky

Calgary firm puts a Target on COVID-19 safety in the workplace

A Calgary-based provider of industrial and oilfield emergency response and safety services has launched an innovative new suite of technology solutions and services that address industry’s most pressing needs amid the COVID-19 crisis.

Kevin O’Brien, CEO of Bravo Target Safety, says his team has responded to the pandemic by offering zero-contact technology solutions that will greatly reduce the risk of infection among people working together, while scanning body temperatures to assess signs of fever.

A graduate of Queen’s University in civil engineering, O’Brien moved to Calgary in the mid-90s to seek employment in the oilpatch. After several years working in senior engineering roles, he served as president of IMV Projects, an engineering, procurement and construction management company. In 2013 when it merged with Mustang Canada and Wood Group to become Wood Group Mustang, O’Brien was named president of its oilsands business unit and regional director for Canada.

It was challenging and exciting work, he says, with regular travel between Calgary, Aberdeen and Houston, but in 2014 he decided to take a break and explore other career opportunities.

After running his own company as a consultant to energy industry executives, O’Brien was introduced to Bravo Target, which was looking for new direction and leadership. He joined in 2017 and has since led it to become a leader in its sector by selecting strong leaders, providing the best training, and investing in the best technology and equipment.

The head office is in Calgary but Bravo Target has branches with workforces in six other Alberta locations to serve facilities throughout the province, and others in B.C. and Saskatchewan.

Normally at this time of year the company would have a complement of around 700 working in the field, but the pandemic has caused many maintenance jobs to be deferred until the fall and there are only 19 rigs working today; but there are still more than 200 Bravo Target medics, safety watch personnel, rescue technicians and other essential safety service providers ensuring its customers can continue working in safe conditions.

The new Target Tech suite of safety services comprises five technology solutions. Target Visual offers remote confined space monitoring, reducing costs by limiting the number of personnel required to monitor multiple spaces while increasing situational awareness by providing two-way voice communication, video oversight and gas detection.

With the use of Calgary-based Blackline Safety’s technology, Target Locate is a real-time location system providing safety and security by tracking the location of personnel and assets. Its applications include geofencing, collision avoidance, system monitoring and physical distancing notification.

Target Aerial uses drones to inspect work remotely and efficiently for external asset inspections, internal vessel/pipe inspections, aerial surveying/mapping and emissions detection.

Sophisticated video thermal screening by Target Thermal helps maintain a “fever-free” working environment, including the ability to do mass screening to scan body temperatures of crowds of people simultaneously.

And Bravo Target has partnered with another Calgary company — ICwhatUC — in the creation of Target Audit, which is generating significant productivity gains for clients in capturing remote work site audits with the use of augmented reality and any smartphone camera to make video communications safe, quick and efficient.

“We are very pleased to be able to introduce Target Tech,” O’Brien says. “The result of implementing these technology solutions include significant cost savings for our customers and a safer work environment for our people.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has made the benefits of zero-contact technologies obvious, however the increasing digital transformation of our business predates the current crisis.