Amazing Wall Art Decoration Ideas

Thursday, August 6, 2020   /   by Sergey Korostensky

Amazing Wall Art Decoration Ideas

Lean Paintings, Don’t Hang Them

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Paintings of any size and theme can always make your wall pop into focus, especially if you go for something bold. Yet they don’t necessarily need to go on your walls. Why not go for a bohemian vibe by having them lean against it instead? A large, leaning painting can be a real show stopper, creating a unique, layered look that you can change whenever you wish, without having to worry about all the holes and nails in your wall.

Make a Succulent Wall

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You can never have too many houseplants, but just in case you’re running low on space, it’s time to think vertically. Living plant walls may seem daunting at first, but they’re an easy DIY project, and infinitely customizable. Succulent plants are a great choice if you’re worried about any water damage, as they thrive on minimal watering. Low maintenance and available in a great variety of shapes and colors, they will also make a one of a kind piece of wall decor in a sunny room.

Let the Vines Take Over

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Hanging plants, hanging plants, let down your vines. If you’re considering a living wall piece but are worried about setting it up and maintaining it, hanging plants are an excellent alternative. Fast growing varieties such as pothos, philodendrons, or tradescantia can create a stunning piece of wall decor with their lush foliage. You can either place them on shelves, or even in hanging baskets, to create natural room dividers.

Get Creative with Pallets

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Using pallets in interior design is a trend that has picked up in recent years, and their versatility definitely adds to this. You can create an eye-catching statement piece of decor using pallets, in the shape of wall art. Cheaper and more environmentally friendly than using wall paneling, this will also make for an easy DIY project. Make sure to mix and match the size of the boards, for a truly rustic look.

Bring Out the Bricks

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An exposed brick wall is a surprisingly versatile look, fitting both traditional and modern home designs. Its natural terracotta hues can bring the room together with a warm, cozy look, and you can either use it as the background for paintings, or leave it bare as a statement wall. And don’t worry about only having drywall to work with — there are plenty of faux-brick alternatives you can play with!

Draw It Yourself

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The most unique piece of wall art is the one you make yourself. And few things are as fun and unique as using chalkboard paint! You don’t even have to go for the traditional school-chalkboard black look, as the paint is available in a stunning array of colors. Whether you use it to draw a full-scale mural, keep track of things to-do, or just leave messages for your loved ones, is entirely up to you. Just remember to have fun!

Print It Large

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Large prints are the ultimate way to decorate your room by breaking the fourth wall — almost literally. From cityscapes at dusk, to lush, tropical forests, a print that takes up your entire wall can transport you anywhere in the world. Easy to install and maintain, you can let your imagination run wild with the theme you pick.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

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A large mirror can be a very classy addition to your living room, while also making the room look brighter and more spacious. You can either hang it as high as possible to make the ceiling appear even taller, or have it leaning against the wall or mantelpiece, to create a focal point in the room where the eye can rest.
Also, if you can’t find one that fits your wall, several smaller mirrors with unique frames will do the trick just as well.