3 Showing Ideas for Today (Open Houses Need Not Apply)

Saturday, May 2, 2020   /   by Sergey Korostensky

3 Showing Ideas for Today (Open Houses Need Not Apply)

Today, a lot of buyers are making decisions from afar, and sellers need to step up their game when it comes to prepping their homes for sale. How can agents help virtually?
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Here are three initiatives that are a far departure from the ordinary showing that we now use to launch and show our listings in today’s environment. The Sergey Korostensky Group was among first in Calgary to offer VIRTUAL Property Viewings, VIRTUAL Home Evaluation Meetings and Private Video Tours

Social media

Utilizing social media has never been more important than it is today as we practice safety by staying at home. People do need the services of real estate agents as life progresses and people need to buy and sell.
Last week, our team took to Facebook (@GreatCalgaryListings) for an hour to consecutively tour four properties across Calgary.

We were each stationed at a listing and armed with masks, gloves and shoe protection as we gave our social media followers a tour through each home before passing it onto the next team member.

You can Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to see them recorded.

Doing a tour initiative as a team helped keep our audience engaged for a longer period of time and allowed us to show more than just one property.

To execute a progressive showing of this nature with your team, try and have a variety of properties and price points to show, and have a strict schedule. Viewers will want to know what they are seeing and when, and offering variety will help appeal to a broader audience.

Virtual streaming

Video marketing is another great way to virtually show a home. Today, creating a well-produced video for your listing is just as important as having professional photographs taken.

A video will allow a client to essentially walk through the home and view all of the great features and amenities in a matter of minutes, as well as get a bird’s-eye view of the neighborhood and layout of the home via drone shots. You might even wish to create a storyline for the video or have a member of the team give a narrated walk-through of the property.

Keep videos entertaining, informational, engaging and fun. And don’t make them longer than need be. Think of it as a preview and not the whole movie.


Although these are just a few ways to show a home, there are many other options that require varying financial commitment. There’s no better way to start the marketing process than coming together as a team to decide what works best and delegate tasks involved to get the job done.

We have written in the past about identifying the strengths of team members and utilizing skills to their best advantage, and this is especially true when it comes to thinking outside of the box to launch and show a listing.

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