3 Home Lighting Mistakes to Avoid

Wednesday, September 4, 2019   /   by Sergey Korostensky

3 Home Lighting Mistakes to Avoid

Good lighting can enhance the look of a space. Houzz.com contributor David Warfel, a lighting design specialist, recently shared the common mistakes he sees with interior home lighting in an article on the home remodeling website. Problems he sees the most often include:

Too many lights shining downwards in the kitchen

Warfel notes that many kitchens have more light shining on the floor than on the countertops, where it has the biggest impact. “Adding well-positioned recessed lights, pendant lights above islands, and under-cabinet lighting are among the ways to ensure our kitchen work areas have enough light,” he notes.

Failing to illuminate distinct details

Light in most homes tends to spotlight the drywall, the least expensive surface in a home, Warfel notes. “Instead, position lights to selectively illuminate other details such as molding, arches, and shelves,” he writes. For example, highlight the stone walls in a living room, such as by placing light directly above the face of the stone and having the light graze down the wall.

Harsh lights on a bathroom vanity

Warfel says it’s best to avoid poor bathroom vanity lighting. It will cast deep shadows under your eyes and chin. Wall sconces can be a stylish solution and provide a softer glow!