2021 Color Trends: Best Interior Design Colors for the New Year

Sunday, January 3, 2021   /   by Sergey Korostensky

2021 Color Trends: Best Interior Design Colors for the New Year

A new year brings with it a fresh slate of new colors. And while some years it can be hard to see where they got their inspiration, this year’s color trends are clearly a reflection of what’s happening in the world. They recognize a need for uplifting colors intended to bring a bit of joy to the everyday.

With soft shades, natural tones and deep, moody hues, 2021’s colors are ready to soothe and nourish our weary souls. Here are six 2021 color trends that will take over interiors (and maybe some exteriors) in the new year.


When not one but two of the major paint companies choose teal as their color of the year, you can bet you’ll soon be seeing it everywhere.  But this isn’t the bright, vibrant teal of the ’80s. Instead, it’s a soft, muted shade that reminds us of the ocean on a foggy day.

This perfect blue-green shade with a hint of gray is both soothing and uplifting at the same time. It is an excellent choice for kitchen cabinets or an island if you’re not ready for a full-color experience. It pairs well with creamy whites, warm golden hues and soft grays.

Dark Bronze

This warm, deep brown is the perfect shade for cozy, dramatic spaces. Another contender for color of the year among popular paint manufacturers, dark bronze is already showing up in influencers’ homes and projects.

A dark, moody brown creates just the right atmosphere for an ultra-cozy bedroom or a luxurious home office. It goes well with light, neutral shades such as warm grays and beiges and off whites. It’s also a great choice for exterior color. Whether you’re painting your home, a shed or the front door, this rich black-brown will give you a bold, modern look.

Black & White

Although we saw black and white rise to popularity in kitchens and bathrooms last year, it will continue to be popular in 2021.  With black hardware and faucets trending, it’s only natural to put them together with bright white cabinets and tiles. And the great thing about this timeless color combo is that it works whether your home is modern, classic, farmhouse or somewhere in between.

This year, expect to see the crisp, contrasting duo all over the house – inside and out. The rise in popularity of black windows means black and white exteriors are also on the rise, which is a good thing since this classic color pairing never goes out of style.

Earth Tones

With the rise of biophilic design and the desire to create a connection to nature in our homes, it’s no surprise earth tones are making a comeback. These warm, comforting colors are the answer to the cool, stark neutrals of the last decade.

Look for muted variations of golden yellow, mossy green and warm terracotta that are reminiscent of shades found in nature. The familiar hues can provide a feeling of comfort and stability in our homes. You’ll find these earthy tones showing up in dining roomsliving rooms and bedrooms with a calm, relaxed vibe.

New Neutrals

Neutrals are no longer just the backdrop for your other decor. The new neutral trend is filled with luscious, creamy hues that work together to create a calm and inviting atmosphere. The secret to making this look work is to layer on different variations of the same shade.

Mix different tones of white, ivory, linen and beige for a bright and fresh space. Or try a cream, blush, terracotta and taupe combo for a soft and warm feel. Give the space depth and make it all come to life by adding plenty of texture.

Soft, Muted Shades

No matter what color combinations you go with, this year’s trend is soft, muted shades. Bright, saturated colors are too harsh for the peaceful, Zen vibes we all need so much right now. Think foggy mornings, soft linens and fall walks when you’re looking for sources of inspiration.

After a long, tough year, these 2021 color trends are just what we need to refresh and recharge our homes.