14 Affordable DIY Backyard Activities for a Fun Summer

Wednesday, July 29, 2020   /   by Sergey Korostensky

14 Affordable DIY Backyard Activities for a Fun Summer

With summer in full swing it’s only natural to want to get out into the fresh air. However, as the pandemic stretches on and thwarts travel plans, you might find yourself staying home this year. Fortunately, with these 14 affordable DIY backyard activities, you’re guaranteed a fun summer regardless!

Giant Jenga

Even if you’re not that into Jenga, you won’t be able to resist Giant Jenga, especially when you’re out on the lawn on a summer day. Making your own blocks is quite easy: you’ll need the wood cut into the right size and shape, sanded down to prevent splinters, and a coating of varnish.

Lawn Dominoes

The giant Jenga wooden blocks can easily be transformed into a 2-in-1 outdoor game. Simply paint them with the dots and lines on domino pieces, and you’ve got yourself a new game to cheer up any sore losers after a Jenga match.

Mini Croquet Course

Setting up a mini croquet course is easy, and kinder on your lawn than DIY mini golf. To add an extra fun element to the game, you can even use pink plastic flamingos instead of the usual mallet. You and your family will end up feeling just like Alice in Wonderland.


This is a fun garden activity that is both environmentally friendly, and can be enjoyed all year round. You can either build a bird feeder, or if you’re feeling extra crafty, even a bird house. And as the saying goes, if you build it, they will come.

Fence Garden

Is your backyard too small for a garden? Time to start thinking vertically. Fence gardens are a great way to grow herbs and flowers, and you can even get the kids involved. All you’ll need is a sturdy fence, small buckets with a drainage hole, hammer and nails, and anything you fancy trying your green fingers at.

Slip and Slide

You can enjoy splashing around in your backyard even if you don’t have a swimming pool. Setting up a slip and slide is perhaps the easiest DIY outdoor game. All it takes is a long strip of tarp or heavy-duty plastic sheet, a hose, and the fun can begin. If you don’t have a tilted surface, you can add a bit of soap to aid with the slipping and sliding.

Outdoor Cinema

Fancy a romantic night in? An outdoor cinema is not only budget-friendly, but also easy to set up. All you’ll need is a white, even wall as a background, or a bedsheet. Pick a movie, hook up the projector, add some candles for mood lighting, and don’t forget the snacks. The best part? You can comment away to your heart’s content without anyone shushing you.

Tin Can Bowling

There are several household items you can turn into homemade bowling pins, but tin cans are not only safer, but also much more fun. Paint each can in a different color, and use it to score extra points when knocking them down.

Bubble Wrap Twister

Twister is great fun on its own, but it’s about to get better! All you need is a large bubble wrap sheet that you can either paint, or place on top of your Twister mat. You’ll have so much fun popping the bubbles, you won’t even mind losing your balance.

Scavenger Hunt

Everybody loves a backyard scavenger hunt. Simply hide the prizes, then scatter the clues around the garden for your friends and family to find. And remember: no bonus points if someone stumbles upon the prize by accident!

Giant Connect Four

Giant yard games are always fun, and if you feel like taking your DIY woodworking skills to the next level, why not give a giant Connect Four a try? It will make a unique addition to your yard, and you can even get the kids to help with painting the pieces.

Sand Pit

A great way to enjoy a bit of beachside fun in your back garden. Sand pits are easy to make, and if you want to go the extra mile, you can even build a cover that doubles up as benches.

Bean Bag Toss

Fun, versatile, and easy to make, bean bag toss is the kind of backyard game that will get the whole family involved. You can either make a wooden board with holes to throw the bags at, or if you’d rather skip straight to playing, even pots and buckets of varying sizes will work.


Backyard activities are all fun and games, but at some point you’re going to get hungry. And nothing beats having a BBQ pit. True, building it may take a bit of time, and you’ll need a lot of materials, but it’s a worthwhile addition to your yard. Not to mention the fact that you can now brag not just about your BBQ chef skills, but also about having built it yourself.